Earthquakes in the past 7 days of magnitude 1.2 or greater within 1000 mi of Rutledge, Alabama.

Earthquakes in the past 7 days of magnitude 1.2 or greater within 1000 mi
Update time = Sun, 26-May-2024 12:41pm CDT

Epicenter Near Magnitude Distance to Epicenter Time Link
9 km SE of Sparks, Oklahoma 2.1 001051653 mi 1716705578Sun, 26-May-2024 1:39am CDT map
4 km N of Midway, Arkansas 2.1 000767477 mi 1716697921Sat, 25-May-2024 11:32pm CDT map
21 km NNW of Three Rivers, Texas 1.6 001197744 mi 1716694880Sat, 25-May-2024 10:41pm CDT map
7 km N of Tilden, Texas 1.9 001226762 mi 1716667899Sat, 25-May-2024 3:11pm CDT map
21 km NNW of Three Rivers, Texas 1.7 001196743 mi 1716651939Sat, 25-May-2024 10:45am CDT map
22 km NNW of Three Rivers, Texas 2.1 001198744 mi 1716640147Sat, 25-May-2024 7:29am CDT map
20 km NNW of Three Rivers, Texas 1.6 001196743 mi 1716618430Sat, 25-May-2024 1:27am CDT map
7 km ENE of Blaine, Tennessee 2.4 000555345 mi 1716614404Sat, 25-May-2024 12:20am CDT map
8 km NW of Prague, Oklahoma 1.8 001051653 mi 1716611382Fri, 24-May-2024 11:29pm CDT map
9 km ENE of Drumright, Oklahoma 1.4 001051653 mi 1716582373Fri, 24-May-2024 3:26pm CDT map
8 km S of Guthrie, Oklahoma 1.7 001119695 mi 1716581224Fri, 24-May-2024 3:07pm CDT map
3 km SW of Mill Creek, Oklahoma 1.4 001021635 mi 1716577064Fri, 24-May-2024 1:57pm CDT map
1 km ESE of Zeb, Oklahoma 1.8 000922573 mi 1716567357Fri, 24-May-2024 11:15am CDT map
6 km WSW of Gladstone, New Jersey 2.9 001439894 mi 1716537012Fri, 24-May-2024 2:50am CDT map
5 km ENE of Edmond, Oklahoma 1.6 001112691 mi 1716518215Thu, 23-May-2024 9:36pm CDT map
5 km ENE of Edmond, Oklahoma 1.5 001112691 mi 1716508466Thu, 23-May-2024 6:54pm CDT map
4 km NW of Westbrook, Texas 2.8 001385860 mi 1716496310Thu, 23-May-2024 3:31pm CDT map
3 km SW of Hulbert, Oklahoma 1.6 000936582 mi 1716483704Thu, 23-May-2024 12:01pm CDT map
11 km N of Tilden, Texas 2.0 001225761 mi 1716481586Thu, 23-May-2024 11:26am CDT map
10 km NNW of Hilltop, Texas 1.7 001276793 mi 1716441707Thu, 23-May-2024 12:21am CDT map
3 km W of Maryville, Tennessee 1.8 000498309 mi 1716438913Wed, 22-May-2024 11:35pm CDT map
7 km NW of Prague, Oklahoma 1.2 001050653 mi 1716393039Wed, 22-May-2024 10:50am CDT map
11 km E of Pleasanton, Texas 1.6 001191740 mi 1716389051Wed, 22-May-2024 9:44am CDT map
4 km SW of Dibble, Oklahoma 1.8 001111690 mi 1716387484Wed, 22-May-2024 9:18am CDT map
13 km WSW of Quinton, Oklahoma 1.6 000928576 mi 1716385265Wed, 22-May-2024 8:41am CDT map
18 km NW of Stanton, Texas 1.6 001467912 mi 1716383555Wed, 22-May-2024 8:12am CDT map
18 km SSE of Hyden, Kentucky 2.7 000651404 mi 1716371278Wed, 22-May-2024 4:47am CDT map
3 km SSW of Blanchard, Oklahoma 1.6 001114692 mi 1716367154Wed, 22-May-2024 3:39am CDT map
8 km NNW of Prague, Oklahoma 1.2 001050653 mi 1716332337Tue, 21-May-2024 5:58pm CDT map
12 km E of Fowlerton, Texas 2.0 001240771 mi 1716312080Tue, 21-May-2024 12:21pm CDT map
7 km ESE of Califon, New Jersey 1.6 001439894 mi 1716285596Tue, 21-May-2024 4:59am CDT map
6 km N of Black Rock, Arkansas 2.0 000660410 mi 1716244865Mon, 20-May-2024 5:41pm CDT map
12 km SE of Katie, Oklahoma 1.6 001061659 mi 1716237524Mon, 20-May-2024 3:38pm CDT map
5 km SW of Falls City, Texas 1.7 001164723 mi 1716222696Mon, 20-May-2024 11:31am CDT map
5 km NNW of Stonewall, Oklahoma 1.3 001004624 mi 1716210262Mon, 20-May-2024 8:04am CDT map
39 km NW of Stanton, Texas 1.8 001484922 mi 1716177245Sun, 19-May-2024 10:54pm CDT map
17 km NE of Hermleigh, Texas 1.5 001347837 mi 1716167921Sun, 19-May-2024 8:18pm CDT map
4 km SSE of Ridgely, Tennessee 2.1 000576358 mi 1716162040Sun, 19-May-2024 6:40pm CDT map
11 km ESE of Fowlerton, Texas 2.4 001242772 mi 1716161291Sun, 19-May-2024 6:28pm CDT map
28 km NNE of Snyder, Texas 1.6 001366849 mi 1716148067Sun, 19-May-2024 2:47pm CDT map
14 km SE of Vonore, Tennessee 2.0 000469291 mi 1716144825Sun, 19-May-2024 1:53pm CDT map

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