Earthquakes in the past 7 days of magnitude 1.2 or greater within 1000 mi of Rutledge, Alabama.

Earthquakes in the past 7 days of magnitude 1.2 or greater within 1000 mi
Update time = Mon, 28-Nov-2022 1:49am CST

Epicenter Near Magnitude Distance to Epicenter Time Link
8 km W of Minco, Oklahoma 1.7 001152716 mi 1669605894Sun, 27-Nov-2022 9:24pm CST map
6 km SW of Minco, Oklahoma 3.4 001149714 mi 1669602817Sun, 27-Nov-2022 8:33pm CST map
Oklahoma 1.6 001150714 mi 1669600921Sun, 27-Nov-2022 8:02pm CST map
8 km SW of Minco, Oklahoma 2.3 001149714 mi 1669585333Sun, 27-Nov-2022 3:42pm CST map
9 km WSW of Minco, Oklahoma 1.8 001152716 mi 1669566121Sun, 27-Nov-2022 10:22am CST map
10 km W of Davis, Oklahoma 2.1 001058658 mi 1669562965Sun, 27-Nov-2022 9:29am CST map
6 km WSW of Minco, Oklahoma 1.5 001150714 mi 1669548726Sun, 27-Nov-2022 5:32am CST map
8 km SW of Minco, Oklahoma 2.1 001148714 mi 1669536531Sun, 27-Nov-2022 2:08am CST map
4 km WNW of Dover, Oklahoma 2.0 001170727 mi 1669455554Sat, 26-Nov-2022 3:39am CST map
16 km W of Minco, Oklahoma 1.4 001161722 mi 1669430734Fri, 25-Nov-2022 8:45pm CST map
6 km WSW of Minco, Oklahoma 3.2 001149714 mi 1669394275Fri, 25-Nov-2022 10:37am CST map
3 km SW of Caruthersville, Missouri 1.5 000580361 mi 1669388749Fri, 25-Nov-2022 9:05am CST map
33 km WSW of Ackerly, Texas 2.7 001480919 mi 1669375637Fri, 25-Nov-2022 5:27am CST map
4 km WSW of Danville, Kansas 2.5 001226762 mi 1669346990Thu, 24-Nov-2022 9:29pm CST map
7 km NNW of Ridgely, Tennessee 1.8 000588365 mi 1669323590Thu, 24-Nov-2022 2:59pm CST map
8 km ESE of Elgin, South Carolina 2.0 000592368 mi 1669306947Thu, 24-Nov-2022 10:22am CST map
1 km E of Howardville, Missouri 2.2 000614382 mi 1669263676Wed, 23-Nov-2022 10:21pm CST map
4 km SSW of Nescatunga, Oklahoma 1.9 001217756 mi 1669256198Wed, 23-Nov-2022 8:16pm CST map
4 km W of Minco, Oklahoma 1.6 001150714 mi 1669248562Wed, 23-Nov-2022 6:09pm CST map
6 km NW of Medford, Oklahoma 1.6 001193741 mi 1669175149Tue, 22-Nov-2022 9:45pm CST map
6 km NW of Medford, Oklahoma 1.8 001193741 mi 1669172836Tue, 22-Nov-2022 9:07pm CST map
21 km SW of Coyanosa, Texas 2.2 001601995 mi 1669156084Tue, 22-Nov-2022 4:28pm CST map
7 km WSW of Minco, Oklahoma 1.3 001150715 mi 1669155622Tue, 22-Nov-2022 4:20pm CST map
11 km SE of Katie, Oklahoma 2.0 001061659 mi 1669147710Tue, 22-Nov-2022 2:08pm CST map
4 km NW of Ridgely, Tennessee 1.5 000585364 mi 1669133277Tue, 22-Nov-2022 10:07am CST map
9 km NNE of Hollins, Alabama 2.0 000165102 mi 1669099483Tue, 22-Nov-2022 12:44am CST map
4 km ENE of North Lilbourn, Missouri 1.8 000619385 mi 1669088922Mon, 21-Nov-2022 9:48pm CST map
8 km SSE of Katie, Oklahoma 1.8 001065662 mi 1669061051Mon, 21-Nov-2022 2:04pm CST map
2 km SSW of Hulbert, Oklahoma 1.7 000936581 mi 1669053884Mon, 21-Nov-2022 12:04pm CST map
3 km SSE of Zeb, Oklahoma 1.7 000920572 mi 1669047579Mon, 21-Nov-2022 10:19am CST map
2 km S of Lehigh, Oklahoma 2.2 000967601 mi 1669030873Mon, 21-Nov-2022 5:41am CST map
southeastern Missouri 1.2 000581361 mi 1669021394Mon, 21-Nov-2022 3:03am CST map
9 km S of Paden, Oklahoma 1.7 001029640 mi 1669019649Mon, 21-Nov-2022 2:34am CST map

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