Earthquakes in the past 7 days of magnitude 1.2 or greater within 1000 mi of Rutledge, Alabama.

Earthquakes in the past 7 days of magnitude 1.2 or greater within 1000 mi
Update time = Thu, 23-Mar-2023 6:27pm CDT

Epicenter Near Magnitude Distance to Epicenter Time Link
2 km SSW of Hulbert, Oklahoma 1.4 000936582 mi 1679583210Thu, 23-Mar-2023 9:53am CDT map
10 km N of Dacoma, Oklahoma 2.2 001251777 mi 1679575020Thu, 23-Mar-2023 7:37am CDT map
11 km N of Dacoma, Oklahoma 1.8 001251777 mi 1679574244Thu, 23-Mar-2023 7:24am CDT map
21 km NNW of Three Rivers, Texas 1.9 001195743 mi 1679536093Wed, 22-Mar-2023 8:48pm CDT map
10 km NW of Pawnee, Oklahoma 1.5 001099683 mi 1679535919Wed, 22-Mar-2023 8:45pm CDT map
4 km WSW of Mill Creek, Oklahoma 1.6 001023635 mi 1679517574Wed, 22-Mar-2023 3:39pm CDT map
6 km S of Owasso, Oklahoma 1.3 001007626 mi 1679515551Wed, 22-Mar-2023 3:05pm CDT map
6 km SE of Wapanucka, Oklahoma 1.5 000977607 mi 1679513841Wed, 22-Mar-2023 2:37pm CDT map
8 km E of Nescatunga, Oklahoma 1.6 001211752 mi 1679506027Wed, 22-Mar-2023 12:27pm CDT map
21 km NNW of Three Rivers, Texas 2.2 001197744 mi 1679492422Wed, 22-Mar-2023 8:40am CDT map
Oklahoma 1.4 001206749 mi 1679481428Wed, 22-Mar-2023 5:37am CDT map
22 km NNW of Three Rivers, Texas 2.0 001194742 mi 1679442037Tue, 21-Mar-2023 6:40pm CDT map
8 km W of Davis, Oklahoma 1.3 001056656 mi 1679433462Tue, 21-Mar-2023 4:17pm CDT map
0 km WSW of Ridgely, Tennessee 1.6 000581361 mi 1679416769Tue, 21-Mar-2023 11:39am CDT map
20 km NNW of Three Rivers, Texas 2.2 001198744 mi 1679403864Tue, 21-Mar-2023 8:04am CDT map
3 km SE of Howardville, Missouri 2.0 000612380 mi 1679392244Tue, 21-Mar-2023 4:50am CDT map
19 km ENE of Falls City, Texas 2.4 001140708 mi 1679369533Mon, 20-Mar-2023 10:32pm CDT map
1 km NNW of Bridge Creek, Oklahoma 1.9 001125699 mi 1679356036Mon, 20-Mar-2023 6:47pm CDT map
16 km SSW of Rio Grande, Ohio 2.5 000856532 mi 1679352866Mon, 20-Mar-2023 5:54pm CDT map
4 km SE of Zeb, Oklahoma 2.0 000920571 mi 1679329794Mon, 20-Mar-2023 11:29am CDT map
17 km NE of Hermleigh, Texas 2.1 001347837 mi 1679306429Mon, 20-Mar-2023 5:00am CDT map
7 km W of Carmen, Oklahoma 1.3 001243772 mi 1679295925Mon, 20-Mar-2023 2:05am CDT map
6 km SW of Manchester, Oklahoma 2.5 001223760 mi 1679283341Sun, 19-Mar-2023 10:35pm CDT map
9 km WSW of Waynoka, Oklahoma 1.4 001276793 mi 1679277566Sun, 19-Mar-2023 8:59pm CDT map
7 km NW of Waynoka, Oklahoma 1.6 001277794 mi 1679243806Sun, 19-Mar-2023 11:36am CDT map
16 km NW of Pawnee, Oklahoma 1.3 001105687 mi 1679239019Sun, 19-Mar-2023 10:16am CDT map
39 km NW of Stanton, Texas 2.1 001484922 mi 1679216082Sun, 19-Mar-2023 3:54am CDT map
western Texas 2.4 001508937 mi 1679107146Fri, 17-Mar-2023 9:39pm CDT map
5 km ENE of Dell, Arkansas 1.5 000570354 mi 1679089517Fri, 17-Mar-2023 4:45pm CDT map
5 km SE of Ackerly, Texas 3.3 001444897 mi 1679086208Fri, 17-Mar-2023 3:50pm CDT map
4 km W of Lucien, Oklahoma 1.5 001144711 mi 1679065545Fri, 17-Mar-2023 10:05am CDT map
4 km W of Cushing, Oklahoma 1.6 001074668 mi 1679054632Fri, 17-Mar-2023 7:03am CDT map
40 km WSW of Ackerly, Texas 2.6 001485923 mi 1679042432Fri, 17-Mar-2023 3:40am CDT map
1 km SSE of Bridge Creek, Oklahoma 2.2 001124698 mi 1679037204Fri, 17-Mar-2023 2:13am CDT map
8 km ENE of Cowles, Nebraska 2.9 001429888 mi 1679029014Thu, 16-Mar-2023 11:56pm CDT map
5 km WSW of Blanchard, Oklahoma 1.3 001118695 mi 1679022850Thu, 16-Mar-2023 10:14pm CDT map
6 km NNW of Farragut, Tennessee 1.8 000509316 mi 1679016488Thu, 16-Mar-2023 8:28pm CDT map
5 km SSW of Tishomingo, Oklahoma 1.7 001002623 mi 1679014324Thu, 16-Mar-2023 7:52pm CDT map

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