Latitude N 31° 43' 59"    Longitude W 86° 21' 16"    Elevation 421 ft

This page shows various weather system details as of 15:56 on 30 November 2023.

Error Data
Station Data Feed:
Time last data was read from station 11/30/2023 3:56:54 PM
Latest Error: Data input appears to have stopped - check your station and connections
Error Time: 8:20 AM 11/23/2023
Cumulus Version (Build) v1.9.4 (1079)
Realtime Update Interval 8 seconds
Website Update Interval 6 minutes
Last Update Time 11/30/2023 3:56:55 PM
Log Rollover Time midnight
Davis Hardware
Total number of data packets received 0
Number of missed data packets 22440
Percentage of good packets received
Number of times the console resynchronised with the transmitter 55
Longest streak of consecutive packets received 0
Number of packets received with CRC errors 0
The console firmware version 3.12
Console battery condition 4.69v
ISS battery condition ok
Station Info
Station Type Davis VP2
Station Latitude N 31° 43' 59"
Station Longitude W 86° 21' 16"
Station Altitude 421 ft
System Info
OS Version Windows XP Service Pack 3 build 2600
CPU Intel(R) Pentium(R) M processor 2.13GHz (1 cores)
Memory Status 527/1023 MB (free/total)
Allocated Memory to Cumulus 25.45 MB
Disk Remaining 58.04 GB
Cumulus Uptime 14 days
Server Uptime 14 days
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